Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kekoa Crossfit at the Martinez Physical Fitness Center

First full week of being back to CrossFit is turning out not so painful as I thought it would be, plus Kekoa Crossfit is a great place to work out!  I'm really enjoying the time spent there in the mornings and it's been a good way to connect with other military wives on base. Check out the site here:

Tuesday's WOD

3 Rounds for time: 
 - 10 front squat (I just did 75lb)
 - 12 pull up
 - 50 double unders

Setting up for the WOD

Pull ups
Megan, getting her front squats!
Jordan, 20 weeks and getting her double unders + lifting more weight than me with FS!


  1. Wow beautiful center. This center looks very attractive and full with equipment. Is this only for women or for both?

    KC Sharma
    Fitness Center in Lucknow

  2. Hi KC!

    It's for both! It's a great place to work out!