Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Traveling to Honolulu, April 19, 2013

Well, April 19th, this past Friday was THE day we said our final goodbyes to friends and family. We were up early and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Crackle Barrel with family.

We headed to the Augusta airport with all our luggage ... eight bags total

Our plane, instead of leaving at 11:55am left at 12:45pm so we were sure that our connection from Atlanta to L.A. was pretty much done for. Walking up to the gate, however, we found out that they had been holding the gate for us. Wow, a direct answer from the Lord. We have had multiple opportunities since to praise Him for his goodness to us. I was pretty worried about our luggage, but it made it to Honolulu with us. Again, God is good.


  1. That is a cool pic. Is it Schofield?

  2. God is good, All the time! I'm glad ya'll got there safe.