Thursday, June 13, 2013

Haliewa Farmer's Market

The Haliewa Farmer's Market is every Thursday from 3PM-7PM.  If you're into buying organic produce, it's a pretty good stop.  I find it a little expensive, but it's still fun to go and look around!

Just to give you a price range of the farmer's market compared to the commissary non-organic prices:

                                           Kale                     Mango             Apple Bananas

Farmer's Market           $2-$3/bunch          $4 each             $2/bunch or $1.30/lb

Commissary                   $1.44/bunch         $2.43 each          $2.50/lb

I don't have an extensive list, but you just need to know your prices before you go.  Some items are a better deal at the farmer's market!  


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    1. Thanks! I would like to make a more extensive list comparing Sam's and the commissary :)