Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Inspiration!

I have not posted in a really long time! That's about to change, folks.

Christmas is as good a time to start back as any, sooooo how about some Christmas decoration inspiration? I love decorating for Christmas and usually go all out. Not so much this year, but it's still satisfactory since I came up with a new way to use Christmas ornaments!

I was really sad at first for two reasons.  1) It is hard to jump on the Christmas bandwagon when the temperature outside is between 70/80 degrees and you can hardly wear a pair of jeans without them sticking to you. I know all you people experiencing snow right now might be jealous, don't be. At least you have seasons! Reason 2) when I realized that I had no chandelier to hang Christmas ornaments from.

Hanging a wreath from the light fixture just looked very, very weird. I didn't really want floating greenery hovering above the table. Floating Christmas ornaments though, that I could do!

This looks so ... Pinteresty. Is that a word? Oh well. You get what I'm saying. The great thing about this is it is pretty cheap and super easy to make ... Like everything else thrifty and cute on Pinterest, right? :)

Materials you will need:

  • Screw in hooks
  • A cheap, fake garland
  • Fishing line
  • Ornaments of different colors/sizes
  • Scissors

The decoration:

Twist your hooks into the ceiling around your light fixture (I used three). Fold your garland in half and twist it around itself so that it's nice and full. Fold it again but in the shape of a circle and just twist the ends together. Place it on the ceiling hooks.

Now you're ready to start hanging the ornaments. This was the most time consuming part. I did a spiral pattern, but hanging the ornaments at different lengths would be pretty too! Simply decide the pattern you want and secure the fishing line to the ornament and then the wreath.

This is such an easy and eye-catching decoration for your dining room! You can stuff some ribbon in the wreath too for some extra sparkle!

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