Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New favorite breakfast!

I  eat a lot of eggs and usually have one plus some egg whites with breakfast.  The only problem is that it gets a little boring. Mini quiches were just the thing!  These muffin-sized, bacon, spinach and tomato bites are incredibly delicious and easy ... and paleo, for any of you people out there that follow that.

You can really add anything you want to this mix, or come up with your own favorite blend of ingredients!

What you need:
8 eggs ( or more if you want to double/triple the batch)
1/2 cup of milk (I used canned coconut milk)
1/2 cup - 1 cup of bacon bits
1 cup of chopped cherry tomatoes
1 cup of chopped, fresh spinach

Preheat the oven to 375 and lightly grease a twelve cup muffin tray.  Bake for 20 min or until the eggs look slightly brown on top and are cooked through.